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Arthur Lee

Everybody's Got To Live

death is usually frowned upon. these songs take a fresh perspective on our inevitable circumstance and embrace mortality. 
for example, jens lekman’s saccharine cover of scout niblett’s “your beat kicks back like death” gets right to the point - it’s simply the repetition of the phrase “we’re all gonna die” backed by the sweet folky sounds of handclaps, ukeleles, and whistles. the song basically politely suggests that we celebrate death rather than cower from it. 
  • arthur lee “everybody’s got to live”
  • bonnie ‘prince’ billy “death to everyone”
  • dawes “when my time comes”
  • jens lekman “your beat kicks back like death”
  • lloyd charmers “death a come”
  • ov wright “i’m going home to live with god”
  • pleasure seekers “what a way to die”
  • deadwood “go to hell”

honorable mentions:
  • drug rug “day i die”
  • zero7 “waiting to die”
  • the mountain goats “no children”
  • lana del rey “born to die”
  • notorious big “ready to die”
  • paul mccartney “the end of the end”
  • ra ra riot “dying is fine”
what other songs fit the bill? 
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